Who is Hotsy Totsy?


/ˌhätsē ˈtätsē/
adjective: very pleasing or good.
"hotsy-totsy rhythms thrill the air"

Unapologetically Extra Self-Care

Live your best bath life with our handmade bath bombs, scrubs, and body butters. Free of parabens, phthalates, and cruelty free. Treat yourself to original recipes that are invented with the finest natural butters and oils. 

Handmade is better. Created in small batches in the USA. We source our ingredients and services from small suppliers with sustainably, local economy, and flawless quality in mind, because we know you care, too.

Hotsy Totsy is the nickname of our founder and CEO, Christi Leonardi, a humanitarian, bath-obsessed, deaf, single mom. Christi has a magical knack for turning any kind of situation around into something fun and fabulous. Her friends often joked about her ability to bounce back, keep a fun lively vibe, and hold a positive outlook on life even after hardships. Her response was always, “I’ll soak it off in the bath, and make it Hotsy Totsy,” and that is literally what she did.

Christi started making handmade bath bombs and bath salts in the dining room of her home in Los Angeles, California, as a leap of faith to make ends meet. That’s where Hotsy Totsy Haus came to be. It was, and continues to be, the story of a deaf, single mother who against all odds, found a path to make life better for her and her daughter and made it Hotsy Totsy!

When Fate Steps In And The Stars Align…

Christi was attending the Anthropology graduate program at California State University, Northridge in 2013. Her goal was to use her Anthropology degree to help advocate for high-risk minority groups, including the disabled, through teaching, research, and consulting. During the first semester, she became a newly single mother, and her young daughter was showing symptoms of a disability. Childcare options began to wane due to Christi’s course hours and the type of care her daughter required. Christi was struggling to find a balance between her education and her daughter’s needs. She chose her daughter.

 Making Her Own Rules...

Being a deaf, single mom left her with very few employment opportunities. Companies will often promote that they are inclusive, but discrimination against the disabled (and other high-risk minority groups) is alive and well; Christi challenges that subtle bias. Christi set her own rules and decided to raise the bar because she had a lot to offer the world with her heart, creativity, and drive to succeed.

Already Doing Something She Loved…

Christi had been making handmade bath products since she was a teen, for herself and for family and friends. All things bath-related were a passion for her. A neighbor came by one day to pick up some of Christi’s handmade scrubs and bath bombs, and she said, “You know what? I cannot live without these. You really should sell them.” And the rest is herstory.

Did You Say Handmade?

Creating beautiful, indulgent, skin-enhancing bath products allowed Christi to turn the simple act of a bath into an incredible experience for the senses. Not only was it a talent she had honed, but she loved doing it. This was the perfect way for Christi to provide for her daughter and make her OWN equal opportunities while doing something she really loved. Christi wanted to make products that were fun and beautiful, but it was important that they also be good for the skin. It was hard to find products that checked all those boxes. Christi was determined to make that happen, and she turned all those elements into the wonderful bath experiences you love today.

 A Girl’s Gotta Hustle…

In 2014 Christi opened PopNatural! on Etsy. Word of mouth quickly spread from loyal customers, and within two years the business outgrew Etsy due to her fun, amazing handmade bath products that make your skin feel good!

In 2018, PopNatural! grew up and became Hotsy Totsy Haus. The decision to rebrand was born out of Christi practicing her craft; as her product lines expanded, the theme was becoming more luxurious and sophisticated. Since the rebrand, Hotsy Totsy Haus has been featured in hundreds of high-profile publications all around the world and was recently dubbed a standout small luxury brand by Forbes.

So, Who is Hotsy Totsy?

Hotsy Totsy is now more than a nickname; it is a passion for high-quality, handmade bath products brought to you by one very incredible woman. Hotsy Totsy is a home, a “Haus” of the most decadent and self-indulgent bath experiences.

Our Goals

Hotsy Totsy Haus’s goals are to continue bringing you incredible and high-quality handmade bath products while growing as a diverse and inclusive employer. We believe in equality, fair wages, and providing opportunities for the deaf. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to being amazing and fabulous.

Our Gratitude

You are helping us grow. When you shop at Hotsy Totsy Haus, you are not only supporting a small, woman-and deaf-owned business, but you are treating yourself and those you love to the ultimate self-care experience. Thank you for letting us elevate your bath ritual. Let us take care of you. Soak in our fabulous bath treats and make it Hotsy Totsy.


With Love,

Hotsy Totsy Haus


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