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What's a bath bomb?

Bath bombs are a base of baking soda and citric acid. Both are used in cooking and canning, cosmetics and more. When the two are combined and water is added, they create a fun fizzy reaction. You might have learned about this reaction in science class using this mixture to make a volcano. 


What makes a bath bomb is more than just the base. Things are added such as oils, colors, fragrances, and dried flowers and herbs. The possibilities are endless.


What is the use of bath bombs? 


Not only are bath bombs fun but they have many benefits. The oils and butters added to bath bombs help hydrate and soften skin. Because they smell good and add fun to bath time, they encourage you to take a longer bath. Relaxing baths relieve tension and stress. A nice warm bath is a comfort that goes a long way. 


Do you shower after a bath bomb? 


While it’s not needed, a nice lukewarm rinse after a bath is good. No need to soap up. Let those oils and butters absorb into your skin. 


How do you use a bath bomb? 


  1. Start with a clean tub. This is for hygienic reasons. Second, if there’s build up around your tub it will allow oils, butters, colors, and clay to stick to it. 


  1. Draw a nice warm bath in your clean tub. Then get in! 


  1. Place your bath bomb gently into the water and watch it foam and fizz. That’s it. Just sit back and relax while it does its fizzy foamy thing. 


Do Hotsy Totsy bath bombs stain? 


No. No they do not. Every single batch is tested for scent, color, and fizz. You can see our bath bomb demos on our Instagram: @Hotsytotsyhaus.


The most important thing is to start with a clean tub. Some oils and clays may leave a light ring on the tub. To clean? Just take a dry cloth and wipe away. Bath bombs should never ever stain. 


Where is my order? 


Click here to see our shipping policy. Check here about pre-orders. We are handmade business, and we try to keep everything available at all times for you. Sometimes when you place an order, some of the items need to be made. Our stock goes quickly, and we make everything as fast as we can. That means we are making bath bombs, packaging bath bombs, and shipping, every single day. Life is good! But please be patient. 


Do you accept returns? 

No we do not for sanitary reasons. Please see our return policy. If something is wrong with your order, please contact us right away. We will make it better. 


Do you offer samples? 


Sometimes! Most of the time we are super busy making and shipping your orders. We are trying our absolute best to be an eco-friendly company. Using one-use plastic items is not good for the environment. We are working on getting more sustainable packaging to allow us to offer samples.


Are the bio peanuts you ship your orders in compostable? 


Yes, they are! These can be tossed straight into your compost bin or dissolved in your sink. Our kids like to color them with washable markers and stick them together to make little sculptures before we toss in the compost bin. 


Why does Hotsy Totsy Haus use soooooo much Medium-Chain Triglycerides? And what is it? 


Medium-chain triglycerides are a super charged concentrated version of all the good fatty acids contained in natural coconuts. This oil is the ultimate natural skin conditioner and will leave your skin feeling like silk. It makes your bath water super silky and never greasy. 


Why do you use dyes and not natural micas? 


Hotsy Totsy uses both. The dyes we use are water soluble and are approved for safe use in bath bombs by the FDA. We use micas, too! All colored micas are made in a lab and have dye added to them. If you see a bath bomb that isn’t naturally colored in a clay, (pink, green, beige, purple) it has dye in it. 


A lot of our bath bombs are colored only in clay. See the listing details of our items for that information. 


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