Toxic Bitch Craft Black Skull Bath Bomb - Hotsy Totsy Haus
Toxic Bitch Craft Black Skull Bath Bomb - Hotsy Totsy Haus
Toxic Bitch Craft Black Skull Bath Bomb - Hotsy Totsy Haus

Toxic Bitch Craft Black Skull Bath Bomb

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Enjoy your black, luxuriously scented bath, my queen - you’ll emerge lightly fragranced, refreshed, and without a trace of stain on your beautiful skin

Sometimes, you need to stop playing nice and let negative energy know you’re not f*cking around. The Toxic Bitch Craft Black Skull Bath Bomb gives you that insta-worthy black water bath you crave with a surprisingly delightful, feminine flourish of organic culinary-quality rosebuds and petals, as well as earthy, enlightening spices. Like the midnight beauty of your dark, delightful soul, this substantial half-pound bath bomb is ready to transform you into the gothic queen you truly are.

Like a flickering candle in the dead of Autumn, earthy scents of nutmeg, orange, clove, and bergamot add light and warmth to your soaking experience. Ingredients like orange essential oil add anti-inflammatory and toning benefits, while vitamin C helps boost collagen to keep you looking your best. Essential oils of nutmeg offer additional anti-inflammation and circulatory benefits, while antibacterial clove oil fights off candida and bergamot encourages your mood to be as buoyant as your bath.


The purest black bath water, will not stain your skin, or tub! It will leave you with soft, purified, glowing skin! The organic food grade rose petals add a touch of elegance!

Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Organic, unrefined, cold pressed; Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Water, Nutmeg essential oil, Orange essential oil, Bergamot essential oil, Organic, Culinary grade rose petals, Activated Charcoal, and Cosmetic Grade Colorants.

These are about the size of a softball. This item contains coconut oil, so please be careful getting in and out of your tub when using. Wiping out tub with a little soapy water afterwards should be enough. But please be cautious when using oils in the tub.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Sylvia Worley
Perfect Witchy Bath Bomb

I love this scent. It is not heavy or heady. Was perfect for my Flower Moon bath.


If the smell alone doesn’t make you love this bath bomb, then you’re CRAZY!!! Seriously one of THE best bath bombs on the market! It’s like bathing in pure sin and it feels oh so good to be bad!

Patrick Corbeil
My Favorite Bathbomb

Hands down my all-time favorite bath bomb! The smell is amazing, the color is phenomenal, and the rose petals that float around the tub have you feeling like a QUEEN (regardless of gender).

Amanda Martinez
Best bomb ever!!

I LOVEEEE THIS BOMB!! Smells so good and it’s a skull! My faves!

A favorite- Just magical

This is one of my favorite beauties from Hotsy Totsy! The Scent is a joy and the inky water is so relaxing to sink into. You can’t go wrong with this bomb.