Self-Care for All: How We Can Support Those Who Need It Most

Self-care is often viewed as a privilege, as it is something that some people can afford to do, while others cannot. However, self-care is essential for our well-being and should be accessible to everyone.

One way to support those who need self-care the most is by offering to help them find time for themselves. This can include offering to take on some of their responsibilities, such as running errands or caring for their children, so that they can take a break. Additionally, offering to provide transportation or to help with childcare can also make self-care more accessible.

Another way to support self-care is by advocating for policies that make it more accessible, such as a living wage, university healthcare and child care. A living wage would allow individuals to have more financial security, which can reduce stress and make self-care more feasible. Universal healthcare and child care can also make self-care more accessible, as they can alleviate some of the stress and responsibilities that can make it difficult for people to take care of themselves.

It is important to remember that self-care is not just about taking bubble baths or getting massages, but rather it's about taking care of our emotional and physical well-being. By offering support and advocating for policies that make self-care more accessible, we can help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to take care of themselves.