Royal Seven Chakra Bliss Bath Brick
Royal Seven Chakra Bliss Bath Brick
Royal Seven Chakra Bliss Bath Brick

Royal Seven Chakra Bliss Bath Brick

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This beautiful  handcrafted bath bomb brick contains seven chakra stones that have been charged by the recent full moon, and is an essential first step into healing your chakras. Healing your chakras brings harmony and peace into your life. This giant and positively extra bath brick feels luxurious in your bath, and immediately brings a sense of calm and peace to your very being. This is a self-care ritual from beyond the bliss. A completely mind realizing experience.

Healing Stones:

Root Chakra - Black Tourmaline

Sacral Chakra - Red Jasper

Solar Plexus Chakra- Tigers Eye

Heart Chakra- Rose Quartz

Throat Chakra- Sodalite

Third Eye Chakra - Labradorite

Crown Chakra - Amethyst

Scented in seven essential oils that align with your chakras:

Root Chakra - Patchouli

Sacral Chakra - Sweet  Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra- Clove

Heart Chakra- Ylang Ylang

Throat Chakra- Lavender

Third Eye Chakra - Lemongrass

Crown Chakra - Sandalwood

Made with rose & purple clays, coconut milk & oil, hyaluronic acid, and medium-chain triglycerides.

Medium-chain triglycerides are a super charged concentrated version of all the good fatty acids contained in natural coconuts. This oil is the ultimate natural skin conditioner and will leave your skin feeling like silk.

This large luxurious bath treat weighs over a pound, and is an absolute treasure. Made purposely for the ultimate self care experience