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Queen Slayer Vegan Coconut Milk Bath Bomb

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Hey girl, remember how you did everything possible to become queen of The Seven Kingdoms, including blowing up your own daughter in law, plus several thousand of your subjects, and drove one of your children to suicide? You bad bad bitch!

Putting a hit out for one of your brothers “ring a bell”? Remember how all that shady and petty shit you did ended your life in the most mundane way? Like, WITH A FREAKING BRICK???!!!!!

Yeah me too. *sigh* Thank god we’re dead inside and have self medication skillz down to a pat. Pass the wine!

In honor of all your petty, and shady shenanigans, meet THE BRICK,  The coconut milk bath bomb. It’s literally a one pound brick of luxury. It’s scented in coconut, honey, and orange blossoms. Relax and rejuvenate your dusty and lifeless skin while you sip your wine and plot overtaking the Devil’s Throne-Because, girl, we all know you went to hell.

The coconut milk and oil will bring you back! This big ass brick will turn your tub a dark grey/black.