Mystery Oops!

Mystery Oops!

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We saved all our Oops! bath bombs, subscription box extras, and prototypes that haven’t hit the website. This includes a variety of amazing items for an extraordinary price while supplies last! 

 Here is an idea of what’s in the big Oops! Vault: 

- Vanity Fair Skulls with chipped jaw

- Mermaid heart chunks and bath dust 

- Extra Subscription Box bath bombs and soaps

- A variety of bath bricks with small flaws 

-Variety of scrubs and balms

- Moon charged crystal bath bombs that came out the wrong color

That’s just an small sneak peek! It’s a mystery of what you’ll get. All items are perfectly wonderful, luxurious bath treats! They just have small physical flaws, or haven’t made it to the website yet. 

These are non-refundable and a mystery.