clear spray bottle with amethyst crystals inside amd hotsy totsy haus lavender body spray inside.

Full Moon Splash Crown Chakra New 8 oz size!

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A potent lunar potion with some seriously regal “draw down the moon” vibes, this exquisite blend allows you to carry the divine energy of our Royal Chakra bath bomb collection beyond the rim of your indulgent bath. Decanted into a crystal-clear 8 ounce bottle, a gentle press will dispense a fine mist of amethyst-steeped, lavender oil-fragranced charged moon water at your command.

Body safe, this lovely blend can be used to gently scent hair or clothing for calm and focus while outside the home, or used as a room spray and gently sprayed on curtains, pillows, and bed linens to lull you into a sweet, dream-filled sleep. Each time you use or hold the bottle, a tumble of rich royal purple amethyst stones reinvigorate the water inside, ensuring divine crystal energy with every spray. 

  • Because nature lovingly crafts each amethyst crystal before it is placed with intention in your product, please note that the size and shapes of your precious treasures will vary. 

  • To use, simply press the top to direct an ultra-fine, lavender-scented mist of amethyst-charged moon water onto your hair, clothes, body, or room linens.

  • A simple, elegant way to manifest your intentions and center your crown chakra for a day of productive insight or a night of restorative rest.