Spring Gala Egg Bath Bomb - Hotsy Totsy Haus
Spring Gala Egg Bath Bomb - Hotsy Totsy Haus

Spring Gala Egg Bath Bomb

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This isn’t just a bath, it’s an event!

This is our biggest bath bomb yet. We told you we were unapologetically extra! Weighing over three pounds, (that’s like 12 regular sized bath bombs) this gorgeous, and extravagant bath fizzy is full of color, and ingredients you will love.

There’s just so much to love about this giant indulgence. Bath art for dayyyyssss. It lasts a good thirty minutes or more. Foamy, and fluffy, this treat not only touts a luscious spa treatment into one bath, it will turn your tub into a relaxing, beautiful, colorful oasis. Many delightful colors will have you mesmerized while you soak in all the fantastic elements it has to offer.

Rich Brazilian purple clay, and rose clay soften, and detoxify. Grape seed, coconut, hyaluronic acid, and medium-chain triglyceride oils nourish, while coconut milk provides a silky smooth moisturizer.

But wait! There’s always more! Embedded inside is a hand painted, gold Glow Up bath bomb, one of our best selling at home spa treatments.

This humongous beauty will have you glowing with soft, dewy skin.

There are two scent layers to this beautifully gigantic bath bomb. The first layer unravels sweetly with  pomegranate and white chocolate. The second scent layer is Lunar Glow: The scent is sexy and ethereal. The exotic florals and warm notes delight the senses. Hydrangea, orchid, calla lily. Blended with sweet orange, blackberries, amber, and tonka bean. The two scent profiles were curated to melt together for a tantalizing aromatherapy treat.

All Hotsy Totsy Haus Bath Bombs are vegan, and handmade in small batches in the USA.